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Firelock Modular Server Vaulting protects mission critical IT infrastructure to minimize costly downtime and prevent data loss.

Building a data center without a fire suppression system to prevent the destruction of delicate equipment is inconceivable. Yet fire suppression systems only protect against fires that start inside the data center. This leaves data centers vulnerable to the threat of fires that start anywhere else in the building. All too often, the sprinkler system in other parts of the facility is unable to extinguish fires due to malfunction or is overwhelmed by the intensity of the fire. By the time it reaches the data center area, no internal fire suppression system can save it. FIRELOCK Modular Server Vaulting safeguards this mission critical infrastructure with Class 125 protection.

Why Internal Fire Suppression Systems Fail to Protect Data Centers Against External Fire

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"When a fire starts outside the data center and burns into the server room, the disaster escalates and becomes catastrophic."
—Fire Protection Engineer

"With all the threats to the operation of my data center, I can at least be confident my servers are fire protected by a data-rated FIRELOCK vault."
—IT Director of a Healthcare Company

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Firelock is the ONLY manufacturer that provides REAL PROTECTION for servers and the information they contain.

Secure Agile Vault Environment (S.A.V.E.)

FIRELOCK Fireproof Modular Vaults

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