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Green Data Center

Greening the Data Center
In this era of volatile energy prices and constant pressure to reduce operating expenses, data center managers must be resourceful to improve efficiency wherever possible. Environmentally-friendly initiatives are also appreciated. "Green" is in. Cutting costs without compromising security can be a daunting task, but there is one way fire protection can be improved while reducing power consumption: installing a Firelock Class 125 data vault to protect the server room.

To maintain the optimum climate inside the vault chamber, Firelock offers protected penetrations for either ducted air or coolant lines for split systems. Data centers can also use these ducts to vent the heated air in the "hot aisle" out of the server vault. This heated air can be circulated throughout the office space to gain even more cost savings on utilities in the winter, as seen in the illustration below:

Unsurpassed fire protection and improved energy efficiency is a win/win for data center managers responsible for security and operating expenses. This is one way going Green can save you some green in the long run.

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