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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes FIRELOCK vaults more secure than standard firewall construction methods?

    A firewall rating (such as a four hour rating) is based upon how long it takes flames to penetrate the structure. It does not address how much heat is penetrating that structure, so temperatures that destroy data center equipment are reached long before the dividing wall collapses. FIRELOCK vaults are rated at the much more stringent Class 125 rating, which protects against flame, smoke and heat migration into the protected area.

  • What is a Class 125 rating?

    This fire protection rating is based upon how long a structure can keep the temperature on the inside face of the wall or roof below the critical 125°F. threshold, since that is the point at which data is destroyed. For example, FIRELOCK data vaults have a minimum rating of Class 125-Two Hour.

  • How do I design a FIRELOCK vault into my data center build/improvements?

    FIRELOCK will design, manufacture and install the modular panels and other fire protective components (such as doors and penetrations) to the interior dimension sizes and configuration specified by the client. For a general estimate of how much space a FIRELOCK vault needs, figure about nine inches per wall from the finished inside surface to the outside of FIRELOCK wall panels. FIRELOCK provides detailed CAD drawings for the client's approval before manufacturing begins.

  • What if I need to expand or move my data center in the future?

    FIRELOCK vaults are expandable and can be disassembled and reassembled in a new location if needed, so the vault can move with you.

  • How much does a vault cost?

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  • How long does it take to get a FIRELOCK vault installed?

    The typical time to manufacture and deliver the vault components to the client's location is six weeks from when the drawings have been approved by the client. Installation by FIRELOCK's crew is typically one week. After FIRELOCK's installers have completed their work, local contractors come into do the remaining finish out work.

  • What other work needs to be done to get the server vault ready to install IT equipment?

    After the FIRELOCK crew has completed installing the vault, the interior of the vault must be finished with 5/8" drywall on low-profile firring strips by local contractors. The vault will then be finished like any other room with painting, lighting and flooring done to the client's specifications by local contractors. HVAC systems are connected to the damper assemblies and/or coolant line penetrations by the client's HVAC contractor. Network and power cables would also be installed by the client's contractors, using the insulated conduit penetrations installed by FIRELOCK.

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