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GSA Contract Holder

Firelock Data Protection Systems
GSA Contract Number GS-07F-0287V

After many years of selling fireproof vaults for government projects through GSA contracted construction firms, Firelock® is finally able to sell direct to government purchasers. The data-rated fireproof vaults manufactured and installed by Firelock® are ideal for protecting computer backup tapes, server rooms and other critical IT infrastructure. For information on protecting data archives, historic documents and artifacts with Firelock® vaults, please click here.

Almost all data centers have some kind of fire suppression system in the server room. However, this fire suppression system is only effective when the fire starts inside the server room. When a fire starts outside the server room and burns its way into the area, the fire suppression system is unable to mitigate the damage. It is likely the heat coming through the walls of a conventional server room has already destroyed the IT equipment and the information it holds before the fire even breaches the server room walls.

The modular server vaults manufactured and installed by Firelock® meet the stringent NFPA 75 requirements (the National Fire Protection Association's standard for protecting computer rooms and backup media) with Class 125 ratings. This rating means the temperature inside the vault must remain below 125°F. for the specified time duration, even when temperatures outside the vault reach 2,000°F. The duration (two, three or four hours) depends upon the size of the vault — click here for details. These vaults also protect against other environmental threats and improve physical security.

Countless citizens depend on government services to be online every day, so this critical IT infrastructure must be protected from all threats, especially catastrophic fire. Losing the equipment in a server room can mean the difference between being offline for a few hours or several days. Unfortunately, the support systems required to operate a data center increase the risk of fire in the facility. Battery UPS systems, generators, high voltage transformers and HVAC systems that run 24/7 are all fire hazards. Click here for more information on the threat of fire in the data center.

Vaults are available in a wide range of GSA pre-priced sizes or custom-sized for specific applications. Installation of these vaults with proprietary technology is performed by Firelock's installation crews and is priced according to the vault size and rating.

For information on purchasing a Firelock® vault on the GSA program please contact:

Hugh Smith
GSA Representative
Phone: 610-756-6040

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