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The S.A.V.E. Solution

The mobile data center module concept has some important advantages over traditional data center facilities—speed of deployment, ease of transportation and modular expansion. However, there are some issues that are not addressed by standard mobile data centers, such as fire protection, weather protection, physical security and vendor neutrality. To address these issues, Firelock now offers the Secure Agile Vault Environment, or S.A.V.E. by Firelock.

Here is an illustrated presentation of the S.A.V.E. solution:

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Threats to Data Center Modules

Many of these shipping containers will be located outside the clients' facility with only minimal physical security and little shielding from the weather. If the container is located within close proximity to the building, the heat from a building fire would destroy the contents of an unprotected container. If the mobile data center is located away from the building, arson is a very real threat to a mobile data center in an exposed position, and physical security is a much greater concern. The heat of the sun can compromise data center operations. Even rain can be a major complication when the need arises to enter the mobile data center at the wrong time.

The S.A.V.E. by Firelock addresses these issues with an integrated Class 125 rated vault within the mobile platform. In addition to unsurpassed fire protection capabilities, the Firelock system provides an R-33 insulation rating to maintain a neutral climate inside the vault chamber even on the hottest days. The vestibule area in front of the vault eliminates the need for external weather shielding. In short, it provides all the benefits of the mobile data center with the added protection a mission critical IT facility demands. An excellent example of an application for this product is the protection of networking equipment at a cloud computing facility, where the loss of this critical element would slow or completely disrupt service for thousands of customers.

Firelock is seeking partners in the UPS/Power Supply and Server Systems industry with clients who require the highest level of fire protection and security for their mobile data center modules.

For more information, click here for a White Paper detailing the S.A.V.E. design.

Design Brief

• Vault is constructed inside a standard shipping container, suitable for land or sea transport.

• A Class 125 Firelock vault is assembled inside the container to provide the highest level of fire protection. This vault will maintain the interior temperature below 125°F for at least two hours even if temperatures outside the vault reach 2,000°F.

• A weather wall on the exterior face of the Firelock vault ensures the server equipment can be safely accessed under any weather conditions.

• All components of Firelock vaults are capable of meeting the stringent Class 125 standard. This includes the double door assembly with automatic door closers, coolant line penetrations, cable penetrations and damper assemblies.

• Vette® Rear Door Heat Exchangers provide sufficient cooling for even the most powerful servers in an economical, space-efficient package. The water chiller and Chiller Distribution Unit reside in the mechanical room behind the vault, so only power and network communications need to be supplied to the S.A.V.E. unit.

• Overhead cable management is an integrated component of Firelock modular server vaults that make it easy to install and maintain power and network cables.

• A Novec 1230™ internal fire suppression system protects against the threat of fires starting inside the server vault.

• An emergency exit door in the container doors ensures the safety of personnel servicing the unit and reduces liabilities for the owner.

For more information about the Secure Agile Vault Environment contact us at or call 610-756-6040.

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